When you think of the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office, the majority of people think their duties are just to serve criminal and civil warrants and eviction notices.

But the constable’s office can do much more than that.  They have the same authority and obligations as any other law enforcement agency. 

I want to bring the following to the office:

No more referring accidents to other law enforcement agencies in our precinct; we have the authority to work accidents to free up roadways, so traffic doesn’t become backed up due to waiting for other agencies to respond.

No more referring citizens to other agencies when criminal complaints are made; we can send a constable to address the complaint, and then determine if it’s necessary to refer then.

The constable’s office has an obligation to patrol all neighborhoods in Precinct 1, giving each area the extra help needed with crime or other issues that might arise.

I want to implement a Traffic Division:  this group would help with making sure school zones are safe, by monitoring traffic during peak school times.

I want to address human trafficking here in Fort Bend, because it definitely exists.  If it exists in Harris County right up the road, then we would be very naive to think it does not exist here. I want to design a task force to address this here in Precinct 1.

I want to implement Outreach Programs: where citizens would be able to call with a non-emergency complaint, and a constable would respond, so I could be made aware of the issue to help bring about a resolution.

I want to have all deputies participate in training that is specialized in dealing with mental health crisis, because this is a big issue facing our society today.

In initiating these programs, I feel this will bring our Precinct 1 community and the Constable’s office together for the benefit of all involved.  My goal is to build trust within the community with our police agency, and to give the public the best possible service.

I am asking you to give me this opportunity to put into action what I truly believe is best for our precinct.

Sam hayes.

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I am asking you to give me this opportunity to put into action what I truly believe is best for our precinct.