Sam Hayes

For Fort bend Constable Precinct 1

Sam Hayes

for Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 1

Sam has 28 years of service with Harris County Sheriff’s Office, with over 15 years as a Supervisor.

He holds the highest level of education and experience within law enforcement with a Master Peace Officer License.  His supervisory background consists of patrol and field operational expertise.

His command includes directing and overseeing deputies on major crime scenes, and ensuring each scene is completed with professional results.

His jurisdiction consists of 42 cities within Harris County.  He currently works within District 3, which consists of about 16 cities, and manages almost 100 deputies assigned to the district.

He prides himself on making sure his deputies are accountable for servicing the citizens of Harris County with respect for diversity.

My goal

is to build trust within the community with our police agency, and to give the public the best possible service.

Dr. Jennifer Cantu. Sam hayes.

Sam Hayes



I have been with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for 28 years with over half my career as a patrol supervisor, where I’m still serving


This experience has made me very much aware of the issues we as a community face.


I started with my motto for the Precinct 1 Office that we deserve better, but Mrs. Ginyard, quickly brought to my attention that Precinct 1 deserves the best, and I agree.


I am asking you to give me this opportunity to put into action what I truly believe is best for our precinct.


I want to bring the following to the office:

No More Referring Accidents

to other law enforcement agencies in our precinct; we have the authority to work accidents to free up roadways, so traffic doesn’t become backed up due to waiting for other agencies to respond.

No more referring citizens

to other agencies when criminal complaints are made; we can send a constable to address the complaint, and then determine if it’s necessary to refer then.

The constable’s office has an obligation

to patrol all neighborhoods in Precinct 1, giving each area the extra help needed with crime or other issues that might arise.

Join Now

I am asking you to give me this opportunity to put into action what I truly believe is best for our precinct.